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C6 Outdoor is just a camping gear company. Our signature product is a pretty cool and original tent - if we don’t say so ourselves. We recognize our good fortune to be able to build a business in a developed country filled with opportunity. So even though we are *just* a camping gear company, we do have a platform to funnel attention and $$ to causes that can make the world a truly better place. A better place for us all to explore, connect and share.  

It’s worth noting we are not looking to feel good about giving back. We are looking to do good by giving back. Effective altruism is a philosophy behind a growing social movement that seeks to maximize the good from one's charitable donations.

How does one “maximize the good?” By adding scientific rigor to philanthropy. If you strip away the sentimental attachment to giving and instead drill down on evidence  – you are practicing effective altruism. 

In order to establish a quantifiable approach to what is the greatest good one must understand where donations have the greatest impact on outcome. Luckily, the smarty pants folks behind Givewell.org have done all the homework work for us. 

While many charities exist to improve people’s lives, we believe the priority should be saving lives. Preventable deaths should be prevented. It’s the least we can do with our first world charitable resources. 

Malaria kills around 400,000 people each year, including an estimated  280,000 children. This is an unfathomable number of human beings dying from a disease that is entirely preventable. Long-lasting insecticide-treated bed nets are one of the most effective ways to prevent the transmission of malaria. There are several charities that manufacture and distribute bed nets in the top positions of Givewell’s most effective charity rankings. By donating an insecticide treated mosquito bed net for each Rev Tent sold, we at C6 Outdoor have found a way to efficiently help our customers help us pay it forward. A solid night of sleep for a solid night of sleep.   

If you’re in the enviable position to consider a Rev Tent purchase you are probably surrounded by opportunities to thrive. When you do buy a Rev Tent we hope you’ll appreciate that you’re giving a fellow human you don’t even know and will likely never meet the opportunity to thrive.  

For more information about Effective Altruism read William MacAskill’s “Doing Good Better.”

And when you’re considering your next charitable contribution, please consult Givewell.org for their top ranked charities. 



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| May 28, 2021

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  1. In order to mount the Rev Rack Tent on your rack, you will need a platform style roof rack with flat surface of at least 48” x 84” / 1220mm x 2134mm with gaps between the slats no greater than 8” /203mm.
  2. Front Runner or Yakima / Rhino Rack Option: your Rev Rack Tent ships with 6 stainless steel eye nuts and appropriate track bolts.
  3. For “other” roof rack option: your Rev Rack Tent will come with a set of 4 Rev Straps that can be used to secure the tent to a wide variety of appropriately sized platform style roof racks for transport and sleep.

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