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Let's explore the vehicle roof top mounting options for the Rev Tent and whether or not it’s the right fit for you.

The Rev Tent is available preconfigured for different elevations.  The Rev Tent works on the ground  and in the bed of pick-up out of the box, nothing else needed.  The Rev Rack Tent is ready out of the box to work on most platform style roof racks  48” x 84” / 1220mm x 2134mm or larger, and the Rev Roof Top Tent is ready out of the box to mount to cross bars and smaller roof racks, much like a traditional roof top tent.  The real value add is that you can easily move the the Rev Tent between each elevation.  

Since lightness and utility of use for sleeping across many surfaces was a Rev Tent design objective, the Rev Tent is made without a solid surface bottom.  Not only does this save in material, cost, and weight, but it makes the tent actually movable on and off a vehicle without needing 4 people or a forklift.       

A premise behind the Rev Rack Tent is that if you already have a roof rack – why add more weight just to use a roof top tent?  A metal platform secured to another metal platform isn’t necessary.  If you already have a flat deck roof rack that is the right size (84” x 48”), using the Rev Rack Tent cuts out redundancy and helps your pocketbook both with initial outlay costs, as well as gas mileage saved by the reduced weight. 

If you want to camp on your vehicle roof and your roof rack is too small or not the right design for the Rev Rack Tent, or you only have load bars, the Rev Roof Top Tent is for you. The Rev Roof Top Tent modular system gives you the freedom to camp with Rev Tent on your vehicle or on the ground.  You can also add the optional Rev Room Annex that hangs underneath the platform. This creates a private space to stand for changing, or to sit for doing sitting things (hint: makes a nice bathroom space!).  The Rev Roof Top Tent has the classic overlanding roof top tent look because the Rev Tent and the supporting platform overhang one side of the vehicle supported by the ladder.    

To help you decide if vehicle roof top sleeping is for you, consider:

The PROS for camping on a roof in the Rev Tent: 

  •      Better views.  
  •      More Breeze.  
  •      Cleaner up out of the mud and dust.   
  •      Safer from some critters.    
  •      Envy of your fellow campers at your treehouse style fun house. 
  •      Street cred in the Overlanding Community
  •      More dramatic IG content ; )

NOTE that Before the Rev Tent (B.R.T.) , the #1 reason for using a Roof Top Tent was the foam mattress.  Before the introduction of the Rev Tent, these classic roof top tents used to be light years more comfortable to sleep in than ground tents.  This was a major factor in the popularity of roof top tents.  This alone helped many a husband convince their wives that buying a Roof Top Tent was a sound investment. 

The Rev Tent has thrown that top reason in the PROS column right out the window.  Now you can get that same comfort of a thick foam mattress while camping on the ground or in the bed of a pick-up.  Not to mention the Rev Tent has the thickest mattress of any available Roof Top Tent.

The CONS for sleeping on a vehicle roof in a Rev Tent:

  •     The added weight of the Rev Roof Top Tent platform or roof rack.
  •     The additional cost of the roof rack or Rev Roof Top Tent.  
  •     Additional set-up and break down  - securing the ladder and tent to the Rev Roof Top Tent platform, or Rev Tent to a roof rack.
  •     The 7-8 extra ladder steps before hitting solid land for that middle of the night pee break.

So it’s worth considering:  Do you really need / want to sleep on the vehicle roof? 

We’d love to sell you the Rev Roof Top Tent and a Rev Room Annex, but we also want you to have all the knowledge to make the best choice for your camping style. 

If you're  unsure, you can always buy the Rev Tent now and get the appropriate roof rack or Rev Platform down the road (figuratively).  Start enjoying comfortable camp nights immediately and then adjust your elevation once you have more experience and intel.

The Rev Tent “system” is modular and you can always expand or contract your C6 outfitted camp site over time.

Here’s where to find the more details on various vehicle roof mounting options:

Visit our Help Desk for more info on mounting to the Rev Rack Tent or Rev Roof Top Tent to vehicles.  

And don’t forget to buy your Rev Tent here! 



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What are you looking for?

  1. In order to mount the Rev Rack Tent on your rack, you will need a platform style roof rack with flat surface of at least 48” x 84” / 1220mm x 2134mm with gaps between the slats no greater than 8” /203mm.
  2. Front Runner or Yakima / Rhino Rack Option: your Rev Rack Tent ships with 6 stainless steel eye nuts and appropriate track bolts.
  3. For “other” roof rack option: your Rev Rack Tent will come with a set of 4 Rev Straps that can be used to secure the tent to a wide variety of appropriately sized platform style roof racks for transport and sleep.

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