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Elevation Rev-alation

Camp Everywhere!

Elevation Rev-alation

Camp Everywhere!

Elevation Rev-alation

Camp Everywhere!

Yakima roof rack Rhino Roof Rack Rev Tent mounting kit for roof top tent transport only by C6 outdoor
4 piece Yakima roof rack Rhino Roof Rack Rev Tent mounting kit for roof top tent by C6 outdoor
Rhino Roof rack Yakima Roof Rack Rev Tent mount kit for transporting Rev Tent Roof Top  Tent by C6 outdoor
dry bag storage for Yakima roof rack Rhino Roof Rack Rev Tent mounting kit for roof top tent by C6 outdoor



Mount your Rev Tent for transporting on a Yakima or Rhino Roof Rack 48” x 48” or larger. No tools needed. Just hand tighten!

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Product Details

Easily mount and remove the Rev Tent from a Yakima or Rhino roof rack. 

These 4 C6 Eye Nuts secure the Rev Tent in the closed position at 4 corners to the t-slots in the rack slats for transportation on smaller Rhino and Yakima Roof Racks.

Just turn the 4 stainless steel nuts to attach or release the Rev Tent. 

Includes a classy C6 Outdoor dry bag for storing your hardware, or re-use for carrying other camp smalls.


   4 M8 *20 Stainless Steel (304) custom hammerhead bolts 
   4 Plastic Washers 
   4 M8 Stainless Steel (316) Eye Nuts 
   1 gray C6 Outdoor Dry bag


Q: I have a Rhino Rack. What are my options for transporting the Rev Tent? 
A: If your rack is 48” x 48” or larger, you can bolt the tent down in the closed position. If your vehicle has a large enough interior storage area, you can chuck it inside. The closed tent is only 47.25” x 42.25” x 8.5” / 120cm x 107cm x 22 cm. 

Q: What is the difference between the Sleep and Transport mount kit and just the Transport Mount Kit? 
A: 2 Eyes nuts and bolts. If you use the Rev Tent to sleep on a Yakima or Rhino rack, you will need 6 mounts. Just to transport only 4. So you save a few bucks if you only use the rack to move the Rev Tent from A to B. 

Q: I only want to sleep on the vehicle sometimes. How easy is it to move the Rev Tent to ground? br>A: Very. If the tent is already open and set up, just unscrew the 6 Eye Nuts, should take under a minute, and lift the tent off and place it on the ground. If the tent is closed, just remove the 4 Eye Nuts. No tools are needed. The original Rev Tent weighs only 25 lbs, so it can be moved by one person. If it’s windy or you think it’s going to rain, you will want to stake the tent in and attach the guy lines to keep the tent taught for proper water run off…



  • Do not over tighten. Repeated over tightening may damage the tent grommet. 
  • Check mounting points frequently as vibrations may cause Eye Nuts to loosen. 
  • Store Eye Nuts on your roof rack when not in use or in the supplied C6 dry bag.

Before assembling your product, download and read these instructions!  While you may be able to wing it, there are some important steps you have to get right for warranty coverage and FOR YOUR SAFETY!    

These .pdf guides are designed to be read and referenced from a phone or tablet offline while assembling product.


HANDY HINT 1: Make sure you download the file, as you may not have internet where ever you chose to assemble your product.   

HANDY HINT 2: If using Acrobat Reader, read the guide in "single page mode".  

WARNING: Failure to follow these instructions could result in damage to the product, your vehicle, or yourself and others.  Please contact us if you are confused or concerned about any of the steps or use of this product. 

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