Dear AU Customers : we have been made aware that black market Rev Tents may soon be flooding the Australian market.

There is no warranty, no customer support, no performance guarantee, no assembly instructions, and no spare part availability for these products.

Also know that these tents are being marketed as roof top tents, but they are missing the platform and ladder components needed for roof top use.

While we pursue the criminals, note that any and all C6 Outdoor AU trademark infringements will be vigorously pursued in the courts. If you purchase a C6 Outdoor Rev Tent from anywhere other than C6Outdoor.com please note you too may face legal action.

Only Rev Tents and accessories purchased through c6outdoor.com are eligible for support, warranty coverage, and have all the proper components to set up on vehicle roofs.

Be a happy camper and only purchase official C6 Outdoor Rev Tents that are guaranteed for fun!

Past and future customers can contact us at info@c6outoor.com or call us at (07) 4803 8393