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Elevation Rev-alation

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Elevation Rev-alation

Camp Everywhere!

Elevation Rev-alation

Camp Everywhere!


REV LADDER by C6 Outdoor


This 2.3m telescopic ladder hooks on to the side of most roof racks to create easy access to the Rev Rack Tent.

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Product Details

Consider this ladder an add-on to a vehicle roof rack mounted Rev Tent. While you can scramble up any side of your vehicle to access the tent (rear ladder, spare tire, over the hood, etc.), you may want a ladder for an easier climb. 

The Rev Ladder can be collapsed or extended to reach most height racks on most vehicles. 

Independent locks at each step allow the ladder to collapse one rung at a time to adjust the height. Includes a locking strap to secure in the closed position. 

Removable rubber-coated steel hooks are used for grabbing onto most roof rack side profiles.  

For safe carrying and storage out of the elements, consider the Rev Ladder Carrying Case. 

This ladder isn’t only for camping in the Rev Tent. This is the perfect ladder for home projects.   

NOTES:  If you have a Rhino Pioneer platform roof rack - the slats are super wide.  The hooks on the ladder do not fully wrap around the side profile of the Rhino Pioneer Platform.  The Rev Ladder works with the Rhino Pioneer Platform like a traditional ladder that leans against a surface but doesn’t latch on.  While this arrangement works perfectly fine and can be easily climbed up and down -  the Rev Ladder / Rhino Pioneer Platform combo doesn’t offer that extra layer of balance security. 





   1  8 step 2.3m flat black telescopic ladder 
   2  Rubber coated steel Rack Hooks (removable)

   Aluminum 6063/T5  

   Extended height: 90.5” / 230cm 
   Collapsed height:  27" 69cm     Depth:  2.2" 5.5 cm   Width:  18.1 / 46cm 
   Height between steps: 11.7" / 29.6 cm (collapses in these increments) 
   Hook height from ladder top: 4.75" / 12 cm 
   Step depth: 1.6" / 4 cm 



   12 lbs  /  5.4 kgs

Max Weight Capacity 330 lbs / 150 kgs


Q: Why did the dead chicken cross the road? 
A: To get to the other side.  

Q: How are the rungs on bare feet? 
A: Manageable, but if you’re a bit sensitive, you may want to climb up with flip flops or some sort of sole support. Consider getting the Rev Tent Shoe Storage Bag to tuck away your shoes outside while you’re inside the tent. 

 Q: Are the hooks at the top removable? 
A: Yes. And you can loosen them and retighten them in a different position.

Q: How can I transport the ladder? 
A: You can carry it in your vehicle, or you can strap it to the top of your tent using the REV LADDER CARRYING CASE and REV STRAPS.



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Wipe down with a dry cloth.  

For a long working life, we recommend storing the Rev Ladder out of the elements.   

WARNING!   Use ladder wisely! READ warning stickers on ladder for safety and best use practices.



What are you looking for?

  1. In order to mount the Rev Rack Tent on your rack, you will need a platform style roof rack with flat surface of at least 48” x 84” / 1220mm x 2134mm with gaps between the slats no greater than 8” /203mm.
  2. Front Runner or Yakima / Rhino Rack Option: your Rev Rack Tent ships with 6 stainless steel eye nuts and appropriate track bolts.
  3. For “other” roof rack option: your Rev Rack Tent will come with a set of 4 Rev Straps that can be used to secure the tent to a wide variety of appropriately sized platform style roof racks for transport and sleep.

We're currently shipping from our 2 warehouses in the USA.

We will be bringing international stores online soon. (Australia, you're next!) If you live outside the USA and can't wait to get your Rev Tent - Contact us. We ship internationally. We won't leave you hanging.

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Before purchasing the Rev Roof Top Tent, please review these important facts:

  1. You will be adding weight to your vehicle. This will alter your gas mileage (for the worse!). When carrying a Roof Top Tent on a vehicle you may hear whistling and added noise.
  2. Bolting stuff to the outside of your vehicle is not for the faint-hearted! Make sure you read, follow step by step, and understand the installation instructions and ALL WARNINGS before traveling with a Roof Top Tent.
  3. It will take 5-10 minutes to ready the Rev Roof Top Tent for camping. It is not magic! In order to use the Rev Roof Top Tent there are 3 components that need to be set up. First: The tent poles need to be assembled. Second: The platform needs to be positioned. And lastly: The tent needs to be attached to the platform.
  4. It is recommended that you store the tent and platform off of the vehicle when not being used for camping. This will help the gas mileage and prolong the life of your Rev Roof Top Tent components. This is how the Rev Roof Top Tent was conceived. If you want to turn your vehicle in to a full-time, year-round 365 day camping machine, the Rev Roof Top Tent might not be the best solution for you.
  5. Review and understand our return policy. These products are not cheap to ship. And they are just as expensive to ship back if you don’t understand exactly what you’re getting and would like to make a return.
  6. We want you to be fully informed and 100% satisfied with your Rev Roof Top Tent. After all, you’re trusting us with your camp shelter and this is an investment for a lifetime of camping comfort and outdoor fun!


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