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Elevation Rev-alation

Camp Everywhere!

Elevation Rev-alation

Camp Everywhere!

Elevation Rev-alation

Camp Everywhere!

C6 Outdoor Rev Rack Tent Front Runner Other  Yakima/Rhino Scout
C6 Outdoor Rev Rack Tent Front Runner Other   Scout
C6 Outdoor Rev Rack Tent Front Runner Other  Scout  windows open
C6 Outdoor Rev Rack Tent Front Runner Scout  Fro mount detail
C6 Outdoor Rev Rack Tent Front Runner Other  Scout  mattress window
C6 Outdoor Rev Rack Tent Front Runner closed mounted
C6 Outdoor Rev Rack Tent Front Runner mounting detail
C6 Outdoor Rev Rack Tent Front Runner mounting kit
C6 Outdoor Rev Rack Tent Front Runner mounting kit packaging
C6 Outdoor Rev Rack Tent Front Runner Other  Yakima/Rhino Scout  closed case
C6 Outdoor Rev Rack Tent Front Runner Other  Yakima/Rhino Scout  closed case detail
C6 Outdoor Rev Rack Tent Front Runner Other  Yakima/Rhino Scout  mattress
C6 Outdoor Rev Rack Tent Front Runner Other  Yakima/Rhino Transport rack mount
C6 Outdoor Rev Rack Tent Front Runner Other  Yakima/Rhino Scout  girl
C6 Outdoor Rev Rack Tent Front Runner Other  Yakima/Rhino Scout  Rev Lights Dusk
C6 Outdoor Rev Rack Tent Front Runner Other  Yakima/Rhino Scout  bedtime



The Rev Rack Tent is a heavy-duty, 4-season, 2 person Roof Top Tent with a built in mattress that weighs only 25 lbs / 11 kgs and includes hardware to mount directly to platform style roof racks 48” x 84”...

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Product Details

The Rev Rack Tent has all the features of the best roof top tents - and more!

The Rev Rack Tent is a heavy-duty, 4-season, 2 person Roof Top Tent with a built-in mattress that weighs only 25 lbs / 11 kgs and includes hardware to mount directly to platform-style roof racks 48” x 84” / 1220mm x 2134mm or larger.  The Rev Rack Tent can also be easily set up on the ground for maximum camping options.   

The Elevator Pitch: Why the Rev Rack Tent is better. Go!

70% - 80% lighter than similar sized roof top tents. This one fact alone provides a world of benefits:

Portable.  1 person can easily move the tent on and off vehicle.  Quickly convert vehicle back to a daily driver as needed.

Fuel Savings.  Use the extra scratch and fill the cooler to the top for more productive happy hours with all your camping friends. 

Safety.  Lowering the center of gravity by taking weight off the roof means more control over your vehicle.  When navigating challenging trails to get to the most remote places on earth, every pound counts. 

Cost savings. Your roof rack is already a perfect platform for a tent, so why pay twice for another platform?  By eliminating the base from the Rev Rack Tent, you only pay for what matters most – a superior quality tent. 

Low profile. Ordinary Roof Top Tents are taller because of the height added by the base, under platform rails and tent mount feet. The Rev Rack Tent sits a total of 8” / 203mm off your rack. And if you still can’t fit your vehicle in your garage with the Rev Rack Tent mounted to your rack, it only takes 1 minute (literally) for 1 person to remove it!

Small footprint for transport. Free up space on the roof rack for camping essentials like firewood, storage boxes and other adventure gear.  

Thicker Mattress. Compare to most ordinary roof top tent mattresses at only 2-3” / 51-76mm thick. The Rev Rack Tent clocks in at 4”/ 10cm with the added bonus layer of a puffy quilted topper.  

Ground Use. When not roof top camping use the Rev Rack Tent anywhere on the ground at the campground, in the yard, in a pick-up truck bed, or any flat surface 48” x 84”  / 1220mm x 2134mm.  With the Rev Rack Tent you have the option to camp comfortably where vehicles can’t.  

True 4-Season. The Rev Tent is the only Roof Top Tent with a full top to bottom fly to offer real 4 season protection. 

Amazing 360* views. 4 floor to ceiling openings with screens offer unobstructed views.  

Wind resistant. No giant plastic or aluminum lid or “top hat” style fly sheet to create a wind catching sail in strong winds.

Easy out of the way storage. Just hang the Rev Tent on garage wall.  

The Rev Rack Tent works on platform-style roof racks 48” x 84” / 1220mm x 2134mm or larger from Front Runner, Yakima, Rhino and other popular roof rack brands.  


      • Includes mounting kit for either Front Runner, Yakima, Rhino or other popular platform-style roof racks.*
      • A comfortable tri-layer 4” foam mattress w/ puffy quilted topper
      • 4 doors/windows with zippered screens for views and superior ventilation
      • Weighs only 25 lbs / 11.5 kgs. 1 person easy lift on and off vehicles and in and out of garages
      • Set up time 3-5 minutes - Just unzip, flip open, secure corner tabs to rack and assemble 6 poles
      • True 4 season - Dual layer with fully waterproof coated 210d outer fly
      • 4 built-in side pockets for gear, water bottles, keys, etc
      • Zippered cable port for solar and charging cables
      • Maximum headroom at 3’2” / 96.5cm tall!
      • Anodized 12mm 7001 aluminum tent poles
      • Heavy duty 840D nylon tent base is also the weather proof zippered storage case
      • 6 interior hooks for organizing and light hanging options
      • The Rev Tent is Patent pending

The Scout Rev Tent colors are a nod to the classic canvas ground tents and look smart on any vehicle. 

Roof Rack not included!  

The Rev Ladder is Sold Separately. If you have a way to climb up your vehicle - a rear mounted ladder, a rear swing mounted tire, up over the hood, etc - you don’t need a ladder for your Rev Rack Tent. If you need a ladder, get it here.

For a deep dive on the Rev Rack Tent and roof rack compatibility, read this ARTICLE.

*If using a roof rack other than the appropriately sized Front Runner, Yakima or Rhino Racks, gaps between the rack slats can be no greater than 8” / 203mm. For more information on mounting please visit our HELP DESK and search for the rack you’d like information on. Or just CONTACT US!


For Vehicle Top Roof Rack camping, you might need the Rev Ladder and Rev Ladder Carrying Case.  (If you want to save on weight and space and already have another way to climb up to your roof - like a rear vehicle mounted ladder or up a rear bumper swing mounted tire, no need for an additional ladder.) 

Take your Rev Tent to 11 with the Gear & Gadget Loft, Fitted Sheets, Pillow, Blankets, and Lights.




  • Rev Tent & built in carrying case
  • 4” / 10cm  Mattress
  • Mattress Cover w/ quilted top
  • 8 Tent Stakes (7” / 180mm Galvanized Steel)
  • 4 106” / 270 cm long Reflective Guyline
  • 2 Large Aluminum Pole Sets
  • 2 Medium Aluminum Pole Sets
  • 2 Aluminum Eyebrow Poles
  • 1 Iron-on C6 Outdoor patch  : )
  • Either the Front Runner Transpo & Sleep kit, Yakima/Rhino Transpo & Sleep kit or Rev Straps for mounting to roof rack

NOTE:  The Rev Rack Tent does NOT include a roof rack OR a ladder.  



  • Outer case:  840D high density TPU coated Nylon Oxford
  • Rain Fly (outer layer): 210D  Oxford , PU Coated 1500mm
  • Mesh Screen:  45g Nylon So See Um mesh  W/R,
  • Inner Tent:  68 D 210 T ply Ripstop Breathable W/R,
  • Mattress Cover top:   2500# cotton
  • Mattress:   HDPE 16D & 30D open cell foam
  • Rack Mount kits feature stainless steel hardware & UV resistant webbing

NOTE:  Fabric is CPAI Fire Retardant Compliant



  • Closed: 47.25” x 42.25” x 8.5” T / 120cm x 107cm x 22cm
  • Open Exterior: 48” W x 84.5” L x 44” / 122cm x 215cm x 112cm
  • Open Interior: 47” x 84” x 38” / 120cm x 213cm x 97cm


  •  25 lbs / 11.5  kgs


  • Box 1   23 lbs / 10.5 kgs
  • Box 2   16.5 lbs / 7.5 kgs

Assembly, use and care instructions live in the cloud and are not included in the tent packaging. Check them out in the SUPPORT tab.


A:  The Rev Rack Tent works with most flat platform style roof racks 48” x 84” / 1220mm x 2134mm or larger.   The Rev Rack Tent won’t work for sleeping on any rack that has gaps in the slats wider than 8” / 20 cm.

The Rev Rack Tent has been designed to attach at specific points to these following Front Runner, Rhino and Yakima Racks: 

FRONT RUNNER Slimline II & Slimsport :  any roof rack at least 11 slats long (85” / 2166mm or longer)  This includes racks for the Jeep JKU, Jeep JL, Land Rover LR3/LR4, old and new Defender 110, G-Wagen, Toyota Land Cruiser 200, Toyota 4Runner, all Sprinter Vans and much more.   Note: the Rev Tent is not compatible with Expedition Rail Kit Sides on the narrowest 1255mm rack.    

YAKIMA  Lock-N-Load Platform:  size  E  (84” x 49”), size N (84” x 54”),  size H (84” x 62”)   (Note: The Rev Tent will not work with the Perimeter Rail Kit.)  

RHINO Pioneer Platform:  42115B  (107”x 58 “ / 2728 x 1465 mm),   42107B/52107 (84” x 49”/  2128mm x 1236mm),     42104B/52104 (84”x56” / 2128mm x1426mm),  42105B/42115BF/42119BF (107”x 58” / 2528mm x 1586mm)    (Note: The Rev Tent does not play nice with the Front and Side Rail Kits. We recommend a completely flat deck)  

Because the Rev Rack Tent case features a variety of tabs with mounting points, the Rev Tent can also work with other brand appropriately sized platform style roof racks.  

By choosing the “Other” mounting kit option when you add the Rev Rack Tent to your cart, you will get a set of Rev Straps which can secure the Rev Rack Tent to many different brand roof racks for transport and sleeping.  

For information on using The Rev Rack Tent  on other brand flat deck roof racks not mentioned here, search for your roof rack in our HELP DESK,  read this ARTICLE, and/or CONTACT US!   

A:   However you want!  Do you have a rear vehicle ladder? Spare tire and bumper you can climb on? Go for it. Tailgate, or strong hood? Just lift yourself up. No ladder needed. If you don’t have a vehicle that works for climbing, the optional ladder works with all roof racks (the ladder includes jumbo rubber padded hooks at the top) and can be placed on either side or the rear of the vehicle.

For ground camping, because there are 4 windows that double as doors, no more climbing over your sleep buddy to get in or out of the tent!  And we’ve made sure the side tent openings are super tall so you don’t have to commando crawl in to the tent.   


A: You can leave it on your vehicle, but because the tent is so lightweight you can easily move the tent off the vehicle and out of the elements for a longer life.  We recommend hanging the tent on your garage wall. If you don’t have a garage, you can store it under your bed, or in a walk in closet. You can even break the mattress down and store the tent in the original boxes if necessary.    


 ROOF RACK TOP set up time:  3-5 minutes.    1. Unzip and flip open.  2.  Hand tighten eyebolts through 2 grommets.   3. Assemble 4 poles   4.  Pop in 2 fly sheet eyebrows.     



Customer Reviews

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Before assembling your product, download and read these instructions!  While you may be able to wing it, there are some important steps you have to get right for warranty coverage and FOR YOUR SAFETY!     

The Rev Rack Tent comes with a mounting system.  Download both the Rev Tent assembly and folding instructions and the relevant mounting system instructions.   

These .pdf guides are designed to be read and referenced from a phone or tablet offline while assembling product.

         REV TENT








HANDY HINT 1: Make sure you download the file, as you may not have internet where ever you chose to assemble your product.   

HANDY HINT 2: If using Acrobat Reader, read the guide in "single page mode".  

WARNING: Failure to follow these instructions could result in damage to the product, your vehicle, or yourself and others.  Please contact us if you are confused or concerned about any of the steps or use of this product. 



Do not use soap to clean the tent body!  Soap can damage the protective coatings.  Wipe down the case and tent with water and a soft cloth. 

Every few seasons, consider applying seam tape sealant to maintain the water proof properties of the seams. 

To extend the usable life of your tent, we recommend removing tent from the sun and elements when not in use.   

When your Rev Tent gets wet, you must air dry it completely before zipping it up. We also recommend storing the tent with a gap in the zipper.  Leave an opening for a little breathing room! 


For additional support, visit our HELP DESK.   


This product SHIPS FREE via GROUND SERVICE to the lower 48 states.    


The Rev Rack Tent ships using regular delivery methods, unlike traditional Roof Top Tents which must ship freight. What does this mean for you? 

Getting the Rev Rack Tent to your door is Faster and Better (not to mention FREE!).

FASTER: Order by noon Pacific Standard Time and you'll have your tent in 1-2 days if you live in the lower 48 United States. (Alaska, Hawaii, and international delivery will take a bit longer) 
BETTER: Accurate Tracking - know where your package is at all times. Insured - if there's a problem or damage, you're covered. And you won't need additional manpower to get your tent off the truck or up your driveway.  The 2 boxes can be easily moved by anyone. 


For more info on C6 Outdoor Shipping Policies READ THIS.   



What are you looking for?

  1. In order to mount the Rev Rack Tent on your rack, you will need a platform style roof rack with flat surface of at least 48” x 84” / 1220mm x 2134mm with gaps between the slats no greater than 8” /203mm.
  2. Front Runner or Yakima / Rhino Rack Option: your Rev Rack Tent ships with 6 stainless steel eye nuts and appropriate track bolts.
  3. For “other” roof rack option: your Rev Rack Tent will come with a set of 4 Rev Straps that can be used to secure the tent to a wide variety of appropriately sized platform style roof racks for transport and sleep.

We're currently shipping from our 2 warehouses in the USA.

We will be bringing international stores online soon. (Australia, you're next!) If you live outside the USA and can't wait to get your Rev Tent - Contact us. We ship internationally. We won't leave you hanging.

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Before purchasing the Rev Roof Top Tent, please review these important facts:

  1. You will be adding weight to your vehicle. This will alter your gas mileage (for the worse!). When carrying a Roof Top Tent on a vehicle you may hear whistling and added noise.
  2. Bolting stuff to the outside of your vehicle is not for the faint-hearted! Make sure you read, follow step by step, and understand the installation instructions and ALL WARNINGS before traveling with a Roof Top Tent.
  3. It will take 5-10 minutes to ready the Rev Roof Top Tent for camping. It is not magic! In order to use the Rev Roof Top Tent there are 3 components that need to be set up. First: The tent poles need to be assembled. Second: The platform needs to be positioned. And lastly: The tent needs to be attached to the platform.
  4. It is recommended that you store the tent and platform off of the vehicle when not being used for camping. This will help the gas mileage and prolong the life of your Rev Roof Top Tent components. This is how the Rev Roof Top Tent was conceived. If you want to turn your vehicle in to a full-time, year-round 365 day camping machine, the Rev Roof Top Tent might not be the best solution for you.
  5. Review and understand our return policy. These products are not cheap to ship. And they are just as expensive to ship back if you don’t understand exactly what you’re getting and would like to make a return.
  6. We want you to be fully informed and 100% satisfied with your Rev Roof Top Tent. After all, you’re trusting us with your camp shelter and this is an investment for a lifetime of camping comfort and outdoor fun!


*we won't send a lot of emails, but when we do, we promise they'll be fire!
(of the camp kind)

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